UF's Jeremy Foley Acts Like East Coast Rapper

If you haven't noticed yet, the Florida Gators are in the Sweet Sixteen for the first time since 2000. A team that starts mostly sophomores wasn't suppose to do anything this season. Yet they boast arguably the best front court in the nation, can shoot 3 pointers, and have one of the top 10 coaches in Billy Donovan.

With all this success it's possible that potential suitors could be wooing Billy to fix up their ailing program. That is what Florida Times Union columnist Mike Freeman believes. There's only one columnist I read in my weekly paper and it's his. I only wish I could write half as good as he does.

In his column on Friday, he said the Gators could be seeing the last of Billy after the tournament. Kentucky might be firing Tubby Smith, unless pig fly, and they'd be stupid not to ask a one time Rick Pitino assistant to be their head coach. He feels that it would be a no brainer for Billy to take the job. He equates Kentucky basketball to the White House for presidential candidates.

Of course many Florida fans, including myself, would think that Billy would never leave Florida. But Mike makes a good point which I agree. He said, "Why would Donovan coach what is a second-tier sport at his school and in this state when he could coach at arguably the most historic basketball program in the country?"

No matter if the basketball team won back to back national championship games, football will always be the #1 at Florida. Basketball is almost something to keep football fans busy till the season.

Well this opened up a can of worms and the most unlikeliest of people called him on Saturday. University of Florida's athletic director Jeremy Foley called him while he was trying to enjoy a bowl of cereal. It turned soggy after Jeremy was done. Jeremy took offense to Mike's column about Florida basketball being second tier.

Here is how Mike said the conversation went.

We're not [naughty word] second class or second tier," Foley yelled.

"I didn't say that. Stop yelling."

"We're not second class!"

"I didn't say that. Stop yelling. I said the sport is, not the school."

"That's [naughty word]. We're not second tier."

"Stop yelling."

"You columnists. All you guys ever do is write your [naughty word] opinions."

"Why are you yelling?"

"You will never have a relationship with anyone here," he told me, "ever."

Mike said he was yelling so loud, the dogs down the street started barking, thinking an earthquake was coming.

Mike is a pretty calm person even though he gets idiots calling in on his radio show. He's never heard an AD speak like this before. I've never either. He wondered if all AD's live as secret East Coast rappers. Classic.

Jeremy is passionate about his program, which is what you want. But really I don't think Mike said anything wrong here. He just spoke the truth.

Jeremy next time let the journalist finish his breakfast in the morning first because it's the most important meal of the day. Then you can go Tupac on him.

UF advances; will its coach do the same? [Times Union. Registration required]
UF's Foley hung up on hoops' status [Times Union. Registration required]

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