TV is why Big East is in the BCS

by Greg Little
(Buffalo, NY )

Why does the Big East still have an automatic BCS bid? Well, in the words of the ol' country lawyer, just take a look at the black letter law in the four corners of the contract. Meaning, just like all the other automatic qualifying BCS leagues, the Big East has entered into an contractual agreement with the BCS. The BCS has then contracted with the television networks, now ESPN. You can bet your bottom dollar those Big East television sets are worth their weight in gold whether the league has a down year or not.

I like the Big East whether it is up, down or sideways. For all the bashing, the Big East has some very old line college football bloodlines. Let's see. Rutgers played the very first college football game ever, way back in 1869 against Princeton. So don't be telling Rutgers they don't know whether the ball is pumped or stuffed. Pittsburgh has a storied history including a number of national championships in yesteryear and as recently as Johnny Majors and Tony Dorsett. West Virginia is always good and a very tough place to play. The Mountaineers take their football very seriously. Syracuse has also had their moments in the sun. UConn, Louisville, Cincinnati, and South Florida are relative newcomers to the big time ranks, but they are plenty game.

I would really like to see the true non-conference records and bowl records of Big East teams over the whole history of the BCS before downgrading the Big East. I bet the Big East stacks up better than anyone realizes.

And remember, waiting in the wings, ready to make their Big East appearance, is TCU. The addition of the Horned Frogs will be just another reason the Big East will (and should) without doubt retain their automatic BCS bid.

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