Roy Williams Get My Turkey Award

Is there a petition we can sign so that Detroit does not play on Thanksgiving anymore? Why is it that they play on a wonderful holiday? They've lost the last four out of five turkey day games. You could hear the Ford field fans, not ones in the stands, but the ones in the ventilation system. Maybe just until they overhaul this Detroit team. That was a horrible game to watch. I just laugh to think that Joey Harrington thought he was ready to have a big game today. He probably fixed his hair extra nice. Ate that extra bowl of cereal. Probably tickled the ivory a bit. Maybe he kissed his own picture because he seems like that kind of guy.

Then he goes out on national television and forgets how to play quarterback. That prompts Steve Mariucci to bring in the next guy, Jeff Garcia, who is even more inept about football. I said before that Gus Freotte and Sage Rosenfels make the worst quarterback duo of all time. Well I'm putting Harrington/Garcia a close second. Wait…before you wide receivers start agreeing with me, you didn't do much better. Dropping the ball like they were greased in turkey fat. So does anyone think taking three wide receivers in the 1st round was a good idea? Didn't think so. However I do need a moment to talk about Roy Williams. He's officially entered "New Kids on the Block" and "Backstreet Boys" ten years later stage. What I mean is I thought today he was lame, boring, and looked stupid today in the end zone.

You're losing 24-0 and you catch a lucky touchdown. When you're losing that bad you put the ball down in the end zone or hand it to the referee. It's sorry enough your team was beaten like egg nog at home. For goodness sake everyone just wants the game to end!! It took almost fifty-five excruciating minutes to score a point so I don't think you were going to score three miracle touchdowns in the remaining five minutes. Then you do something that's not going to be forgotten because it was so lame. You had your chance to maybe do something neat in the end zone for everyone to see.

So what you decided to do was…meditate? You sat Indian style and meditated?? WTF?? Were you dreaming about Beyonce? Or maybe seeing Jeff Garcia in the shower later? I know Chad Johnson sets the bar really high with his creativity but you don't have to do much to earn some credibility. Sure we've never seen someone celebrate a touchdown like that before but that's because it's b-o-r-i-n-g. You had your chance but the performance in the end zone was something we hope we'll never see again. End zone dances are just like the slam dunk contest. Needs a lot of creativity and just a little practice. You're a long way off my Buddha wannabe friend.

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Handed the ball to the referee Not rated yet
2005/11/27 at 7:59 pm I agree that Roy should’ve just done a Barry Sanders and handed the ball to the referee after that score. I’d like to think, however, …

Save yourself the humiliation Not rated yet
2005/11/25 at 4:25 pm Roy Williams had no business doing a celebration at all. When you’re losing badly and getting embarassed on national tv, just go …

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