T.O....A Tough Pill to Swallow

Instead of planning a state funeral with flags at half staff right now, we can still celebrate the love and joy that Terrell Owens brings to our lives! I've never seen media coverage on ESPN like they did on Wednesday. I'm guility of having ESPN on all day until his press conference. I follow the big news and if what they said was true this was huge news.

Now the little "mix up" seems over and done with for now. So I want to finish off this week by making some closing opinions about the circus this week with T.O. as the ring leader and his publicist as the scary ass looking clown.

First I have to say that Terrell Owens is back to normal. How can I tell? From all the chatter on the message boards about wanting him to die now!! They're sick and tired of his need to cry wolf for attention. Some are questioning whether all this was just a publicity stunt (I don't believe so) but I understand their reasoning because you just have to look at the source.

What will be the big story next week, guaranteed, will be his return to Philadelphia. How will the fans treat him? What will they throw at him? What will the signs say? Eagle fans are notorious for their bad behavior and lack of class. With T.O. arrives they'll roll out the four letter curse words coming of their mouths. It's going to be a pretty sight in Philly.

Where was Drew Rosenhaus? He flew to Dallas from Miami when the story broke. If there was a press conference, you figured you would see Drew. However, at the biggest press conference, since media day at the Super Bowl, Drew was no where in sight. He didn't make a statement and he didn't answer questions from reporters. We're all glad he didn't. Maybe T.O. put his foot down and knew that Drew would make the day even more of a circus if he spoke. Maybe Drew wised up and realized the bigger story was about T.O. and not comments from his agent. Whatever the decision was, we're glad we didn't have to hear Drew say "Next question" a hundred times.

If future employers are wondering if they should hire Kim Etheredge as their publicst, all they would need to do is Google her name and read how she handled this situatoin. First during the press conference, when speaking about T.O., she said a man of his "statue" when I believe she meant "stature". I've never had a publicist but don't they need to speak proper english to speak with the media? If they're talking to reporters in China, then maybe not. Not a big deal. She was tired. But she is the one that made the 911 call that started this whole mess. She believed that he was trying to overdose on drugs because he was incoherent. She saw an empty bottle and thought he swallowed them all. When rescue and police arrived she gave the statements (keep in mind she's a publicist) that he's "depressed". She led police to believe that he "intentionally overdosed". All this is fact because it was in the police report. Why would the police want to make anything up? They must have known who they were dealing with when they arrived so you would think they proceeded carefully with their investigation.

Fast foward to the press conference and now she is blaming the police department for "taking advangtage" of Owens. She said she never said he was depressed and he was not trying to commit suicide. She felt his health was in danger, which is valid. The problem is how she handled the situation. If this was all just a misunderstanding, then why did the information she gave police sound like a suicide attempt? She should have had her story straight from the beginning and not mislead the public, if in fact this was just a misunderstanding. Everyone freaked out that he tried to kill himself because he answered "yes" when they asked if he was trying to harm himself, a bottle with 30-40 pills were missing, and he was labeled as depressed. Again, all facts reported in the police report from information given by Kim Etheredge.

This will be the last, I hope, we hear details from this incident. In the drama filled controversial life of T.O., this by far was the most bizzare.

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