TO is very talented, but he’s crazy

by twins15

2006/10/13 at 1:42 am

As a Vikings fan, I’ve still got a soft spot for Moss. Ok, so his effort is not always there when he’s not the focal point of the offense or doesn’t get the ball at all (such as right now). But he’s still enormously talented (as Cris Carter says… “all he does is catch touchdowns”).

Of course, TO is very talented, but he’s crazy. I just have a hard time TO will be able to surive for more than a year or 2 with a team anymore without him driving everyone crazy.

Of course, there is probably reason to be concerned about Moss’ healthy. He’s had a history of back problems and a various other injuries, and that could only get worse as he gets older. But I’ll take a healthy Moss over TO.

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