Things on My Mind from the Weekend

- The best thing to come out of the Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans game was a quote given by Jon Gruden in a post game interview.

When asked about next week’s game for 1st place against the Carolina Panthers in a radio interview, Gruden said something to the extent of “I’m sure Carolina will be a three or four touchdown favorite”. Three or four touchdown favorite?? Vegas are you listening? Listen to the man and then I’ll bet everything I have on the Buccaneers. John when you’re done with coaching, do not become a bookie. If you do, please be mine. (If you had to watch the whole exciting 10-3 game cause you were tied to a chair, I’m sorry)

- Did anyone see Hines Ward’s horrible impression of the Ickey Shuffle?? Really can he come up with original stuff too? Last season he did the T.O. "bird flapping" celebration. This season the "River dance". Honestly Hines is a great wide receiver and plays tough. However please don’t do anymore dances. It wasn’t as bad as his attempt at the “River dance”. Maybe because he’s part Asian. I know most Asian guys don’t have rhythm. It’s great that he did the dance and they lost. The Bungles appreciate waking up the old ghosts of the winning years.

- Reggie Bush will win the Heisman. Strike the pose my man.

- I still can’t find an Xbox 360 to save my life

- The NY Jets, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers, and Oakland Raiders all lose again. Enough said about those painfully sorry teams.

- Please Indianapolis Colts go undefeated this season. I beg of you. I’m honestly sick and tired of hearing about the ‘72 Dolphins every single freaking year. Aren’t we all? Really they’re so full of it because their egos have expanded like a Macy’s Thanksgiving parade balloon gone wild.

- FSU is not the worst BCS team ever (Remember Pittsburgh last year?) but they are sure close. A team that loses four games in a season including three in a row. Their season in turmoil! Then they beat Virginia Tech who had been playing lights out almost all season! What the $%@?!?!? It just shows how overrated Va Tech was in the overrated ACC conference.

- Can the MVP talk for Jake Plummer end now? Two interceptions today in a loss to Kansas City. It’s almost like saying Mike Tice for Coach of the Year. Wait…someone actually said he should be? Terry Bradshaw on FOX?!?

- I love half court shots to win the game. The Duke shot to beat Virgina Teah to stay undefeated was one of the best. It was great to watch the crowd literally pause for a full second after the shot went in before going bonkers.

- Can’t wait for the 2006 World Cup draw this Friday! Surely I can’t be the only one out there that cares.

- Finally from the Georgia Sports Blog, he gives his award for "Fan of the Year" to this hilarious Texas Tech Red Raider fan. He's heard saying "Go Raiders!" over and over and over again while Oklahoma players and coaches are trying to do interview. Great way to start the day. Hilarious.

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