The Steelers played better


2007/12/21 at 10:01 am

The Steelers played better, executed better, and made the big plays. Seattle did not make big plays and, instead, chose to challenge the officiating. No one throughout the year and, even in the Seattle game, were victimized by the officials more than the Steelers.

The Indy game is the one that really sticks out. The only bad call in the Seattle games was the penalty called on Matt, their QB, on a tackle attempt. In truth, there were helmet to helmet hits not called against Seattle and many, many holding calls that should have been called that were not.

The Steelers had many heartbreaking losses, however, never were sore losers. Seattle, simply, could not get it done. Jeremy Stephens was the anatomy of their game. I would also note a fumble by Jeremy Stephens that was not called during that game. The Steelers were the better team that day.

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