The Sad Saga Of Maurice Clarett

Everyone now thinks Maurice Clarett has totally lost it. Fortunately, Jim Terry, owner-coach of the Mahoning Valley Hitmen of the Eastern Indoor Football League, isn't so negative about his player.

“We gave him a chance and now we'll wait to see what happens,” he said. “I've seen far worse situations than this.”

What kind of leauge does it this? This isn't the state prison league. Correct me if I'm wrong but Clarett was driving erratically, led police on a chase which ended when spikes punctured his tires, had four loaded guns, a bottle of Grey Goose, got tasered but didn't hurt him because he had a bulletproof vest on, and by the way has sizable $5 million bond. I heard they found gel, toothpaste, cologne, and a bottle of water which they thought he'd later turn into an explosive.

Jim Terry what have you seen that's been worse? It better be something like two guys playing slip-n-slide after the contents of a port-a-let tipped over while you had a picinic. But having a $5 million bond speakers even louder. A man like that does not come out of jail for a long time.

After reading ESPN's Tom Friend's phone conversation with Marucie Clarett hours before he was arrested it showed a person knowing it was all over. We don't know what Maurice intended to do that night with all those guns but it sounded like a man who knew either he was going to jail for a long time or was preparing to die in a blaze of glory.

People say maybe if Maurice surrounded himself with the right people he wouldn't have been in this situation. I don't buy it. Short of being in a vegatative state, no one could have gotten Maurice to see the bigger picture. Too many times now athletes are treated like gods. Therefore they start to believe it and act like it. Then factor in this euphoria as a freshman and "Boom Goes the Dynamite". Maurice could do nothing wrong because he believed it. What didn't he get for free that season? That cocky swagger and confidence showed in his performance on the field but followed him off it. In the end the only person he could blame was the person he saw in the mirror everyday.

Maurice Clarett can be another example the NFL makes during its rookie symposium. Or the Cincinnati Bengals can put his mugshot in their locker room as a quick reminder. The sadder part is that some won't get the message. They won't learn from his mistakes. They'll have five guns instead of four. Smoke crack instead of drinking Grey Goose. Actually shoot back instead of just trying to get away. They'll think they're untouchable and think it can't happen to them because they're a star. But don't worry when you're in jail, Jon Terry still might have a job somewhere for you because he's seen worse than this. Someone get that man some help as well.

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