The Next Great PPV Event in the Octagon

I'll say it first. The Nuggets-Knicks fight was good but not great. I'm tempted to say you may see a better fight during Rocky 6, which comes out this week. I haven't seen the movie but it's a sure thing. This fight ranks below the Miami-FIU fight and nothing compared to the melee in the Palace.

The part that really intrigues me is that Isiah Thomas reportedly warned Carmelo Anthony to stay out of the paint pretty much warning him that something bad was going to happen. Thomas was upset that Nugget starters were still in the game with under 2 mins left and up by 19. Boo fucking hoo Thomas. The Knicks have the highest payroll with the worst amount of talent. They're gonna get smoked a lot. Thomas said they had already surrendered and wondered why George Karl kept starters in. But surrenderding is so common with the Knicks.

Thomas goes on to blame the Nuggets for starting this brawl. If you believe that then I have some have some money from Nigeria that I need help transfering.

If Carmelo Anthony is going to act like a tough guy and get a sucker punch then at least stand in there and fight. He started to back track like his momma was chasing him with a belt. What a wuss! I was secretly hoping Jared Jefferies would catch him and unleash some pain on Melo. He deserved it. Be a man and stand in there and back up what you just did. Melo should not have even been involved in the first place. The game was almost done and he is their leader and leading scorer. Now he's out for 15 games. I wish he would have been suspended more.

The best thing to come out of this is the hate between Isiah Thomas and George Karl. I believe Isiah directed the flagrant foul because Karl left the starters in too long. I believe Karl is guilty of keeping in starter in but so what? The backups could have come in and scored a lot more just as easily. They are benchwarmers but they are still in the NBA. We all know Karl is a close friend of Larry Brown and we all know how Isiah handled that situation. Isiah is blaming Karl. Karl is blaming Isiah.

Isiah's excuses are worthless. Everything he touches sort of destroys itself. I don't know how he didn't get suspended but I also don't know why David Stern even introduced that stupid microfiber basketball. The winner is George Karl.

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