The Most on Fleek MLB Jerseys of All Time

2017 has been a mammoth year for MLB in more ways than one. The Cleveland Indians are giving every other team in the league a masterclass in how to make home runs look easy, the Red Sox are as consistent as ever, and the Houston Astros are making waves out west.

The quality of the league has never been better. However, on a fashionista level, 2017 hasn't been the finest year for emerging classic jerseys. We need to look back into the pages of history to find the most on fleek MLB jerseys ever to grace the field.

The Most on Fleek MLB Jerseys of All Time
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1. Houston Astros - 1976

The cream of the crop has to be the 1970s classic home kit of the Houston Astros. With the fire-like rainbow stripes across the shirt, complete with a star and embossed logo, the Astros took style to another level. While other teams were sticking to the ubiquitous white jersey with a simple team name, the Astros went all out with this number. Lasting for seven years, the retro design lingered in the minds of many and deserves to be crowned the finest MLB jersey of all time.

2. Miami Marlins - since 2012

The Miami Marlins decided to go bold with their choice of jersey. Burnt orange button shirts with black detailing make for a classy looking uniform. They don't hide their team name away and emblazon it across the front to wear with pride. Forget the neutral hues of black and white, orange is where it's at.

3. Minnesota Twins - 1980s

It tends to be the colors on the team's jerseys that sets them apart from their rivals. In the 1980s, the Minnesota Twins had a bold baby blue V-neck design complete with dark blue and red trim. Nationalistic in its styling, this uniform was popular for eight years. The matching pants with continued detailing took the uniform to another level. The team, even when covered in sand, looked tight and unified.

4. Philadelphia Phillies - 1987

Another baby blue number, this classic of the 1980s oozed seventies styling. With a button up jersey front and a simple logo design on the front beside the player's number, this look has been used as inspiration by many a school team to create their own custom baseball uniforms. With a unique purple maroon detailing, this jersey goes down as a kooky classic.

5. San Diego Padres - 1978

They may not have won a World Series title, but what they lack in on-field success, they make up for in the style stakes. With a classic 1970s combination of mustard yellow, dark brown and white, this team emulated many living room color schemes across the nation. The Padres used a retro little font to accompany their team name, but before long they changed their styling to blue and their font to a more generic Arial style. It's a shame because their 1970s look was incredible.

Over the years, the MLB has had its fair share of baseball jerseys sashaying into the world of fashion. These classics are merely a handful of the finest styles the major league has ever had to offer.


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