The game was called horribly

by M

2006/02/09 at 11:09 am

I think people should really try to be more honest about the SB referees, not just jump on the excuse bandwagon.

Had Seattle won, people would be criticizing the refs about the Jeramy Stevens catch/fumble that was called incomplete. People would be complaining about how dirty Seattle played with the two helmet to helmet no-calls (one hitting Ward, one hitting Roethlisberger). People would be up in arms about the no-calls of the late hit on Kim von Olhoeffen and the post whistle Seattle pile up on Randle El that even had the official in the mess.

The game was called horribly, but horribly both ways.

And after the Hasselback hit on Taylor which shouldn’t have been called, there’s a late hit in the back by a Seattle player on the other Pitt CB standing there. Wrong call, yes, but the penalty occurred.

I usually admire and like this sportsblog; how could you have screwed this one up so thoroughly? Working as an NFL ref now?

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