The Devil Wears Red

It's only fitting Father's Day was Sunday and on Saturday the USA team got the best result we could imagine. A tie.

It's funny how each country had a different outlook on the game. Over in Italy the press is in an uproar over their performance. They pointed fingers at the lackadasical forwards, reamed the Italian who elbowed McBride so he needed McStiches, and just made it sound like they lost the game. Here you read about how brave the USA players. How they gave it all they had. Coming out with a tie was the best thing we could have hoped for.

I think we were very lucky to get a tie. That is a monumental accomplishment since that is our first ever non-loss in World Cup history on European soil (Still have yet to win). The Italian own goal defied the law of physics. His back was to the goal and his leg moved foward to kick the ball, yet the ball went completely behind him. If he lived in Columbia, he would need to look over his shoulder when he returned.

The Italian red card was justified. Dirtiest play we may see this whole tourament. The Mastreoni red card should have been just a yellow. Yes he went in studs up into the ankle but I've seen that numerous times without any card. The Eddie Pope second yellow was setup by the ridiculous first yellow card he should have never recevied. Even with all that, we were a Brian McBride offsides from Hollywood optioning the movie rights to this game.

We still have yet to score a goal in this World Cup. The Italians have scored more goals for us than we have. We haven't won a game yet. However thanks to the shocking upset of Ghana over our big bully, the Czech, we still have some hope.

In 2002 we needed helped to make it to the round of 16 and we did. In the last game of the first round Portugal just needed a tie against South Korea to move on to the next round and eliminate us. The Koreans got a goal in the 70th minute and won the game. Red rover, red rover, send the USA right over.

We're going to need the same type of help. However we first need to beat a Ghana team, who coming into the tournament was touted as the most dangerous Afrian team. Without a win, we're done. If we do finally get our first win, we're going to need Italy to beat the Czech. If they tie, then the tiebreaker are enforced but we would need to beat Ghana by at a boat load of goals.

So if everything plays out exactly how we want and we add Italy to our Christmas fruitcake list, we have big trouble. That straight road to the second round has a big yellow warning sign that says "Brazil". Brazil is so dangerous they had a player come off the bench named Fred. How intimidating is the name Fred in the world of sports? In their history of one named wonders such as Pele, Ronaldo, Romario, Adriano, and Ronaldhino, a guy named Fred has more goals than the whole USA team.

Thursday will be judgement day. It's win or go home. It's Game 7. Can't wait.

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