The Biggest Causes Of Sports Injuries

Injuries in sport can vary. The most serious can end careers while minor injuries can be frustrating and often, unnecessary. Many types of sporting injury, particularly in competitive sports, are caused by other people.

However, the majority of injuries are down to the individual. Want to avoid getting injured? Read up on some of the biggest causes of sports injuries and start taking better care of yourself.

The Biggest Causes Of Sports Injuries
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Not warming up effectively

Warming up is an important part of working out, yet many people skip this step during their fitness routine. A warm-up will help to get blood flow to your muscles, ligaments and tendons to help them be more flexible and prevent injuries that could otherwise be caused by the stress some exercises can have on your body.

Take a look at some simple warm-up ideas and always spend the first 5-10 minutes of your exercise routine building your heart rate up gradually. Your body will thank you for it.

Improper technique

Common injuries that are seen in an accident and sports injury clinic occur as the result of demonstrating improper technique during a workout. Not only does this put you at risk of injury, but it could also mean that your workout efforts are wasted - making your workout ineffective and a waste of time.

Have someone spot you to make sure you get the nail the technique so that you can exercise safely and effectively. If you're unsure of how to perform certain exercises, hiring a personal trainer could help you learn to do things the right way.

Overdoing it

Another common cause of sports injuries is overdoing it. While it's good to be active and maintain your fitness, it's also important to rest. If you work out every day, you put yourself at risk of burning out and exhausting yourself, while also putting yourself at risk of injury. Rest days are just as important as working out to give muscles time to repair and heal. Include rest days into your workout routine to help your body recover and prevent unnecessary injury.


Impact injuries can happen in several ways, from having a collision with an object to contact with another person. If you play a competitive sport, the risk of an impact injury is greater - particularly in sports like football where making contact is part of the game.

There have been many questions about whether or not the NFL is looking after its players because of the effects of concussion and head injuries caused by helmet to helmet contact. These injuries are difficult to prevent, but it's up to the NFL to introduce the right safety measures to ensure the health of its players.

Sporting injuries can vary in severity, but it's important for your health that you do all you can to prevent them. Avoid unnecessary injury by adopting a sensible and effective workout programme, and stop immediately if you do become injured.

Getting the right medical advice is paramount to your recovery, so make you sure you visit your doctor or a special sports clinic to get the treatment you need.

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