The Backdrop Beyond The Sport

Let's be honest; we don't exactly watch sports because of our love for the backdrops. During a good game, our focus is and should be on the players. After all, they're the points of action. If the goals are flying, you won't even have a chance to look around. But, don't they recommend taking time to look around us every now and again? It's meant to be good for our wellness, or something like that.

The good news for sports fans is that, while you may not have noticed, your favorite sports boast some fantastic backdrops. In few other fields will you see such a diverse range of (mainly) natural settings. Instead of going for a stroll in the woods, take that much needed time out with a trip to see your favorite teams play. It's wellness and sport all in one.

If you don't believe us, let's take a look at the backdrops you never even knew were behind your favorite sports.

The grass

The Backdrop Beyond The Sport
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Football lovers out there have probably noticed that there's usually grass on a pitch. It's kind of a requisite for playing. But, have you ever taken the time to really pay attention? While television stadiums are often reasonably uninspiring, local grounds sometimes have stunning scenery. Nothing quite beats the crunch of grass under your feet during an early morning game. Take note of it next time, and inhale a big breath of that country air.

The woods

Okay, this is a BIT of a cheat. But, any basketball fan will be familiar with the clean squeak of the wooden stadium floor under the feet of favorite players. While it's not natural exactly, it used to be. Still counts, right? In fact, most stadium floors are made from maple. It may be highly polished and unrecognizable by the time you see it, but those trees once stood tall and calm. Even in their current form, they have a particular beauty to them. When you take time to see them, the natural whorls of wood are something else.

The sea

Sea Sports
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Those who enjoy sea sports are especially lucky with their setting. Whether you yourself decide to invest in options like a  Kona SUP, or whether you simply watch others surf, you're sure to find that much needed peace here. Most surfers love the sport because of its calming nature, and it's easy to see why. Few things beat the sea as a backdrop, and the sound of waves as you surf is sure to leave you feeling pretty chill, dude.

The snow

And, of course, the selection doesn't end there. Just for good measure, why not consider backdrops which make the most of the weather, too? Much like the sea, snow has a calming impact. Lucky for you, many sports make the most of that. Watching anything from skiing to snowboarding, you'll get the chance to enjoy some snowy backdrops to die for. Crunching snow under your feet is even better than stomping on crisp football fields!


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