Terrible game

by Dino Caporossi

2006/02/11 at 2:09 pm

You all make assumptions that, had some calls gone Seattle’s way, Pittsburgh would have reacted by laying down and dying. Pretty unlikely, given their superior play all year during the games that Rothlisberger wasn’t injured. You were all very lucky that Pittsburgh and, Rothlisberger in particular, had a terrible game.

If they had played even at half the caliber of their playoff games it would have been a rout. If you can talk about what might have been, well so can we. Everyone talks about the goal line call. They started with Bettis first down on the 6 and, on 2 carries, he got them down to the 1.

Even if no touchdown had been called, it would have been fourth and an inch, with Bettis ready to bulldoze people out of the way in front of his home town crowd. I can’t tell you how many touchdowns Pittsburgh has made that way, with “the Bus” driving through what looked like an impossibly high mountain of defenders. Rare is the day even the best NFL defense can stop Bettis at the goal line with no gain.

Without an unusually poor throw by Rothlisberger, you wouldn’t have even been in the game. Be thankful Pittsburgh played so poorly. On their worst day, Pittsburgh beat you when you played your best ball for the entire first half. Sean Alexander who?

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