Televising a local high school game

by v

2006/12/14 at 12:56 am

MNF is like watching a local cable station televising a local high school game. These announcers are irritating, annoying and downright clueless. Or better yet, its like hearing 3 guys who cant play a note of music by themselves and now you put them together and its nothing but noise. I ask you WHY ESPN whould you do that to millions of viewers who have looked forward to MNF every week and made it into a “i rather hear my girfriend talk for 3 hours then these tone deaf did I mention clueless jokers”. What happened to the class, knowledge and personality like Cosell, Danday Don, Madden, Michaels? and you give me Kornheiser, Theisman and Turrico????

But I knew things were beginning to go down hill when they took out the intro with highlights of the teams that were playing in the beginning of the game with the MNF footballl theme that used to get me its “are you ready for some football a monday night party??? It’s football, not a show people…men want to hear about the game, the rivalries, the issues…not Kornheiser telling people 30 times who he has in his fanatsy league or Theisman missing everything that goes on during the game cause he is combing that 80′s hair do. And Turricao ignores both of them….MNF bring back the days of seeing highlights on slow motion of the teams that are playing that night with that classic MNF theme…Remember seeing Tony Dorsett in slow mo and hearing Cosell narrate? That’s MNF…!!!

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