Superstitions Still Big In Baseball

Out of all the major sports, baseball might have the most superstitions in the game. It seems like every single player has at least a few things that they make sure they do out of habit. Across the league, what are the most common superstitions? Here's a closer look at 3 that pop up more often than not.

No Stepping On The Lines

Whenever a team is taking the field or coming off after a final out, it is pretty common to see players avoiding the baselines at all costs. Some players will even go as far as hopping over the lines like they are a small creek. Not stepping on the lines is a pretty silly superstition, but it has been around for decades.

Avoiding No-Hitter/Perfect Game Discussion

One of the cardinal sins in baseball is to discuss the number 0 in the hit column for a pitcher. Many people believe that talking about a no-hitter or perfect game will instantly jinx that pitcher. In fact, many players will avoid talking to a pitcher who is having an outstanding outing late in the game.

Lucky Equipment/Clothing During Streaks

Since baseball is a long season, there are bound to be good streaks and bad streaks throughout the year. When things are going well for a particular player, they will stick with as much is possible. That means using the same bat, or maybe the same articles of clothing. It might seem a little bit gross to where the same underwear or socks for a couple of weeks, but whatever works for a player to have that mental edge. If you are in a fantasy baseball league and you have a particular player playing well, the last thing you're going to do is challenge their superstitions.

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