Super Six Tournament


November 6, 2010

Las Vegas, NV

Allan Green just got his ass whipped again. My apologies for the desultory comment, but that's just how I see it. Glen Johnson, at almost 42 years old, fought a typical Glen Johnson fight-aggressively coming forward, pressuring, hands high and throwing combinations. In the seventh round, Johnson had thrown 41 combinations to Green's 19 and suddenly in the 8th it was over.

Allan Green was naturally the bigger, stronger fighter Saturday but he would not sit down on his punches. In the first round he began what was to become his signature for the evening, throwing a jab then backing away. On the rare occasions that he followed with a right and finished with a hook, he threw them while on his toes. No leverage and no power. Nothing to stop Johnson from coming forward and it cost him in every round.

Green fought lazy and afraid after being hit with rights repeatedly in the first round but came back to win the second. In round three he took a vicious shot near the back of his head and returned to his corner wobbly where it took his corner a full 10 seconds to put his stool in the ring. Green was draped across the ropes and it was the first time in recent memory I heard a trainer screaming "andele" to his seconds to get a stool for his fighter.

Round four saw Green take the round off to clear his head as he held on to Johnson through rounds five and six, absorbing huge right hands for his trouble. Green simply would not keep his left up making him susceptible to Johnson's right hand all night. I honestly believe his raised his left more to tell the ref he was being hit in the back of the head than he did for defense.

36 seconds into round eight it cost him. Johnson landed a jarring right just above Green's ear, followed it with a hook to the body and sent him to the canvas with another right to the chin. Green spent his eight seconds on his back arguing with the ref that he had been hit in the back of the head and made a feeble attempt to get up at nine but was bent over with his gloves touching the canvas and was waived off.

Respect has to be given to Glen Johnson for fighting a younger fighter on the big stage in the Super Six Middleweight tournament but it was the second time in this tournament that Green seemed lackadaisical and disinterested and it will be Johnson who moves on to fight the winner of the Arthur Abraham-Carl Froch bout.

Update: Carl Froch went on to defeat Abraham (unanimous decision) and then Johnson (majority decision) as well. The Johnson bout was held on June 4, 2011. After that victory, Froch moved up to #2 in the rankings (by Rink Magazine).

Meanwhile Andre Ward beat Arthur Abraham in a unanimous decision to set up the Super Six Finals which will be held October 29, 2011 in Atlantic City, NJ. It'll be Andre Ward vs Carl Froch for all the marbles in the Super Six World Boxing Classic. The winner will hold the Ring, WBA and WBC Super Middleweight titles.

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