Road to Super Bowl XL

It's getting to the most wonderful time of the year... the NFL playoffs! I rank the top 5 teams that I think have the best chance to win the Super Bowl.

1) Indianapolis Colts - This team was basically in pre-season mode against Seattle so a loss to them doesn't lessen their chances to win the Super Bowl. But there is going to be all the pressure on them in the playoffs. How long will Dungry be away? Will this team respond in dominating fashion when they went 12-0?

2) Seattle Seahawks - I have to put them here but history is NOT on their side. They tend to choke in the playoffs. Losing to St. Louis last season and before that the memorable playoff game against Green Bay when Matt Hasselbeck proclaimed they were going to win in OT. Also the Super Bowl has not had both #1 seeds make it in like 12 years. So it's either the Colts or the Seahawks. Maybe not both.

3) Denver Broncos - We don't hear too much from them. But it's no secret they're pretty good this year. Maybe it's because they haven't won a playoff game since Elway retired. They might get one win this year but not two in the playoffs.

4) New England Patriots - Okay I'm starting to believe a bit. The Patriots are playing better and better every week. This group has too much playoff experience that you can't argue about. Plus Brady STILL hasn't lost in the playoffs yet (9-0). Colts-Patriots matchup in the playoffs? I'm drooling already.

5) Da Bears - They start off 1-3 and now they're 11-4 champions of the NFC North. Who would have thought? Grossman fits this team better on offense. Orton you went 9-1 as a starter but let's not get too crazy. It's was the best defense in the NFL that has carried this team. They scored points against the Packers but anyone can this season. If they can score 24 points every game, that's all the defense will need.

Sorry Bengals but you laid a big fat ostrich egg against the Bills. No defense, no chance of winning the Super Bowl.

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Hey Sports Pulse great blog. Not rated yet
Hey Sports Pulse great blog. However, I think you forgot a very important team that will be hard to beat once the Playoff’s start. That is my Buccaneers. …

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