by skidkid

2006/09/12 at 2:49 pm

I would like to congratulate ESPN on the selection of the announcers for last nights San Diego – Oakland game. I can’t name them individually as I missed their names as they were introduced last night. It doesn’t really matter, as I would like to compliment them as a group. They worked together superbly with a rapid exchange of comments and insight without interrupting the play by play. They were funny and courteous to each other and you could tell that they enjoyed the game. Above and beyond that they exuded professionalism. You could tell they were not there for the first time. All in all it made the San Diego – Oakland game a real pleasure to watch.

Now why don’t you kick out that disgusting mess that you have announcing the Vikings – Charger game? Yes I mean Joe Theismand and Tony Kornheiser. Mike Tirico is OK but whoever thought that this bunch of “individuals” could make professional announcers? Fire the over-paid moron that came up with this one, swallow your pride and put in the professionals.

P.S. Just to get this off my chest…..if Joe Theisman were a woman, he would be a blond with big artificial boobs and a tight ass. “Her” laugh would be the loudest and most obnoxious in the room in an obvious effort to draw attention. She would have an opinion about everything and always be right regardless whether her argument made a lick of sense or not. Most of all, “she” would never know when to just shut up. In other words, Joe Theisman exemplifies every negative stereotype in men that I believe women find offensive in their gender. And put that little troll of a newspaperman back in his dark little office where he can sit up all night writing witty little columns about other people who live in the daylight.

Sorry, I just miss the professionalism of the “real” Monday Night Football.

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