Professional Sports Are Too Rich For My Blood

by William
(Vernal, UT)

I remember the 1994, 1995 baseball strike very well. My most vivid memory was the feeling of a lack of respect for the fan. No one seemed to remember where the money players and owners were fighting over came from. It ended in court. I haven't watched a baseball game since, or spent any of my money supporting what was once America's game, except for little league.

So it was basketball and football for me.

After watching years of Michael Jordon traveling on his colossal dunks, but not getting called for it, I was tiring of certain players doing whatever they wanted and others being fouled out the game. In 2007 referee Tim Donaghy was investigated and convicted of betting on games he officiated, and influencing games in favor of mob bets.

But Donaghy also made comments about playoff games being improperly officiated because “ it was in the NBA's interest to add another game to the series”. I got the feeling basketball wasn't for me either. So I quit watching or spending money on anything related to basketball.

So now it's football that's America's game. A sport I have enjoyed since childhood. Football too has become arrogant. In 2011 the owners lockout their players, because $1 billion dollars off the top isn't enough money. It is not about fans, but player salaries, bigger stadiums, TV contracts, owner earnings and trying to find or manufacture the next superstar.

The league is at a high point in popularity, I've paid a lot of money for the “ticket”, but along comes an officials strike over how much money? I'm questioning if I am indeed spending my time and money wisely. Good luck with the strikes, lockouts, whatever.

I don't make $100,000/yr, much less to play a game, not to mention the millions per year paid to some. Tell me, what is the most important ingredient to making billions of dollars from a sport?

You have shown your true colors, it's all about the rich getting richer and everyone else getting pinched. You are ruining the sport, it's been fun, hope you end up below the NHL in the ratings. Then see how much money you have.

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Oct 04, 2012
Take down.
by: William

Well you might as well take this down, the strike is over, and all is right with world ...

Thanks again for putting it up.

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