Post-Season Predictions- Who's Aligned With Success?

by Teresa Lopez

As the holiday season consumes our homes and snowflakes fill the once empty streets of our neighborhoods, football’s post season is heating up. Entering Week 16, it has become clearer as to who will be sitting home in front of the fire and who will battle their way to the Bayou. Yet, there comes a time where stats alone may not be enough. This is where astrology and numerology come into play.

From the looks of it, the AFC is set in stone with all four divisions already clinched by the league’s top teams. The Patriots have sewn up the AFC East yet again behind the stellar play of Tom Brady. The young Texans have secured their spot as AFC South champions, and the newly-led Denver Broncos have successfully locked up the AFC West title. Baltimore also wrapped up the AFC East with the Steelers loss last week in Dallas. Though the aforementioned teams can’t hit the snooze button just yet, they can rest comfortably knowing they will be competing for that Lombardi Trophy this January.

The last three weeks of the season may bring relaxation to many of the league’s top teams, but for those hoping to snap up a wild card berth, its crunch time. Given that football is a game of numbers and stats—right down to the numbers on the player’s jerseys, what better way to predict the odds for the remaining teams than by using the ancient study of Pythagorean numerology to see who will come out on top.

The Cincinnati Bengals are in clear pouncing position with one prey in mind, the Indianapolis Colts. One game behind the Colts, the Bengals are looking to provide some post-season excitement for a city that has been deprived of sporting success. In the case of a team like the Bengals which isn’t spearheaded by any one particular player, numerology is particularly useful in determining a team’s strengths, weaknesses, talents and future obstacles. Tallying up the letters in their name to corresponding numbers, the Bengals are represented by the numerological value of 3. As a team, the Bengals are a seasoned bunch who get creative on the field. The social natures of 3s are typified by the team’s extreme awareness for each other and how their teammates will react to certain plays on and off the field. However, like a lot of 3s, the Bengals can sometimes be disorganized, which comes as a result of not having a clear leader. It has been a full team effort thus far, but at these critical points in the season, one man must shine brightest in the spotlight, or the team will be couch-bound instead of bowl-bound.

Which is why I predict the Indianapolis Colts will take the AFC #1 wild card slot this year. Seeing their worst record in franchise history last year, Indianapolis said goodbye to future hall of famer Peyton Manning. Fortunately, the team has been graced with a bit of good “Luck.” Quarterback Andrew Luck has helped bring a winning record back to Indianapolis and has harvested an absolutely potent relationship with veteran receiver Reggie Wayne. The two are a match made in zodialogical heaven. The Virgo-Scorpio relationship is a connection that requires patience from both ends, but the potential success is immeasurable, clearly shown by the Colts offensive play. Wayne’s dynamic, observant Scorpio nature is tempered by Luck’s sensible, logical Virgo method of operating. Wayne has been Luck’s favorite target this season and has proven that their compatibility will be more than enough to take that wildcard position right from the Bengals paws.

On the NFC side of the ball, it’s a bit more complicated. The East division is still up for grabs with three teams battling for the title. The Redskins, Cowboys and Giants all sit at 8-6 with equally difficult schedules remaining. It is tough to rule out the Giants, but their recent losing streak has morale down and the road ahead looks anything but promising. The Redskins, represented by the numerological value of 4 will edge out Dallas, represented by 9, and squeak themselves into the post season. The Redskins exemplify the hard-working nature of 4s, a quality which will ultimately trump the visionary nature of the Cowboys’ team number of 9. The ‘Boys may have a vision for success, but the ‘Skins work ethic will squash it. With the Redskins taking the NFC East, that leaves one division undecided, the wild card.

The 49ers clinched the West division, opening up the wildcard slot for either the Seattle Seahawks or the Bears. Head coach Lovie Smith has taken an old-fashioned approach to coaching. While this bullish, straight-forward approach has served him well in the past, it’s just not in the stars for his Bears to match the progressive offensive attack of the team’s future opponents. The momentum of the Seahawks has me convinced that the first wildcard spot is theirs for the taking. The Seahawks fly high on the numerology scale, represented by the number 7. Those represented by 7 are known for being strategic, analytic thinkers. This is especially true of the Seahawks, who, as a team, seem have an instinctive awareness for each other on the defensive side of the ball. Though the Seahawks wild card hopes look to be fulfilled, the road to New Orleans will be anything but smooth.

There they are! Predictions based on some numbers and a whole lot of astrology! This is the most important part of the season, so using that extra sixth sense can prove to be the real game changer. Sit back, flick on the television, start up the fire and watch the excitement unfold for yourselves, because it is going to be one heck of a post-season!


AFC Wild Card Spot #1: Indianapolis Colts

NFC Wild Card Spot #1: Seattle Seahawks

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