Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL

Okay who predicted this Super Bowl in the pre-season? It's more surprising than seeing Jake Plummer in a barber shop.

Two games. Two blowouts today. These were the top four teams in the NFL?

Home field in the AFC was over rated this post season. Teams play all season for it. They get excited when they achieve it. It didn't matter to the Steelers who basically said "Up yours Jobu!" to all that. They win three road games to make it to Super Bowl XL. They beat the #1, #2, #3 seeds all on the road. It has that March Madness feeling to it with Pittsburgh being the first #6 seed to make it to the Super Bowl.

Jake Plummer reverted back to old Jake Plummer today. Interceptions, ill advised passes, fumbles, and doing anything to kill the game. When I say old, I could be saying biblical Jake. Did you see the CBS picture they had for him? Shaggy beard and long hair parted down the middle. He even added the "look away" pensive look. Did anyone think it looked like the man, Jesus Christ? I bet Denver fans were using the Lord's name in vain all game long. But they can't all blame Jake. They were outplayed and out coached today.

Not so fast Big Ben. You live up to the "Big" name with your picture. Either you've been saying "super size me" on all your meals because you think anything "super" will take you to the big game or you inhaled Jerome Bettis. When I first saw the picture I thought they made a mistake and put the picture of the punter or someone in the working in the control room. Then after further servings…err…viewings…it was fat Ben for sure.

But I can give Ben a good ribbing because he played phenomenal today. He was the reason the Steelers are playing in the Super Bowl. No questionable calls today for the Steelers. Today everything went their way.

As for the NFC Championship game…

Tough damn to be named Jake and play quarterback today. We understand what happened Jake Delhomme. Kendra Davis, Antonio's psychotic wife, kidnapped his family and threatened their lives if he didn't lose to the Seahawks today. He was so money as a playoff quarterback (5-1) coming into the game but he threw three interceptions today. But at least he didn't blame your offensive line.

In the NFC, home field did matter. Too many injuries and going across the country for the Panthers was just too much for them today. Steve Smith was Mr. Invisible today with how the Seahawks defended him. Didn't he react like a punk though? Telling the camera before halftime that four guys were covering him. Boo hoo. Then sitting on the sidelines with that big hooded jacket on and covering most of his face. Pouting really helps you play better.

Congratulations to Seattle and Pittsburgh for making it to the Super Bowl. It's the battle of the coaches with moustaches (what's up with the facial hair theme this playoff). Clearly these are the two best teams in the NFL. Should be a great Super Bowl.

(I'm watching the trophy celebration and Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, holds up the NFC championship trophy as the fans cheer. Terry Bradshaw has the mic and the first question he asks him is "Can you help me with my e-mail?" What kind of stupid question was that? I wish Paul took that trophy and put a gash in that shiny head of his. I know he was going for humor but that was a lame attempt. He just called Matt Hasselbeck the sexiest man in Seattle. Probably just watched "Bareback Mountain" on pay per view in his hotel room

His attempt at humor not as bad as Dennis Quaid introducing "Brokeback Mountain" at the Golden Globes by saying it rhymed with "chick flick". Classic)

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