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by Jose

No, NCAA athletes should not be paid. Actually, if you think about it, they’re already being paid. With the cost of college tuition skyrocketing year-by-year, these young men are going to school for free.

However, like Cam Newton, some athletes earn extra money. This entire situation is extremely sad. You have a young, very talented high school football player that has numerous old, wrinkly men that are salivating at the chance to make a buck off this poor kid.

Did he take money? Well, that hasn’t been proven yet, but it could be likely. If you have a poor child with money being dangled in front of his face, how is he supposed to resist?

However, I can see a team like the Oakland Raiders taking a shot in this kid in the second or third round if he has a good scouting combine. Quarterbacks are hard to come by and they need to gamble at this point. The team is close to being good and he could be the one player to help them make the playoffs.

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Aug 02, 2014
NCAA athletes pay for school - nothing's free
by: d.Rae

No NCAA athlete is going to school "for free." They are showing up at work every day, and paying with their bodies and work on the field. They ONLY get "paid" when they perform, and are healthy -- the moment they are no longer able to produce, they lose their 'pay" (scholarship).

There's more of a question of, if they get paid enough, for the wear and tear on their bodies, and for how lucrative they are to their schools, their school's communities, and their coaches.

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