NFL Week 8: Lots of Grossness On Sunday

I think Joey was laughing towards the end of the game. He was asking for a body bag if he did any earlier. I'm glad he laughed for most of us after seeing the Bears' performance.

I didn't have a magic crystal ball but let me explain how I had a funny funny feeling about Chicago today.

After last weeks total annihilation of the 49ers the Bears were made a -13.5 point favorite over the struggling Dolphins. I instantly thought "The Bears are going to rip them apart!!". Looks like I wasn't the only one. Usually when the betting public is heavy on one side ( >75%) Las Vegas will move the line up to get some action on the underdogs. There are some websites that show the percentages. The Dolphins, I thought, would move to +16 point underdogs at least by the end of the week.

They say Vegas wants equal action on both sides but I don't believe it. In this case, yesterday Chicago was still a -13.5 favorite, even moving DOWN to -13 depending where you bet yet >75% of the bets were on Chicago. You understand? Chicago -13.5 looked like a gimme. Easy money! More than 75% of the money was on Chicago yet the line still stayed the same. So just that alone said something really strange was going to happen in this game.

After all that, I still didn't have the cojones to bet on the woeful Dolphins.

The same trend happened with Atlanta (loss), Giants (barely won), San Diego (barely won), and Dallas (loss). All did not cover the spread. All were favored. All over >75% on their side yet minimal line change. Vegas is not stupid. They don't have billion dollar hotels and white tigers because they like to lose money.

One of the craziest and most unlikely finishes in the Washington/Dallas game. If you have not see it, then turn on your TV and find the highlight. I just think karma likes to toy with Bill Parcells. One week he's giving out kisses and the next spraying spit as he yells.

How about T.O scoring a touchdown and then celebrating by "sleeping" in the endzone while using the football as a pillow. Okay not bad. Not the best. He dropped a sure 72 yard touchdown that would have put them up by 14 points. Made his sleeping in theend zone back fire on him with all the easy jokes. Man he choked huge there.

I am so glad I will never have to hear "must win game" and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the same sentence again. They've had must win games for a month now. It's ridiculous. I hate that phrase. They had a must win against Oakland last week and coughed up a big fat "L". So wash, rinse, and repeat for yesterday. Finally they're hung out to dry and I could not be happier.

Finally enough with John Cougar Mellancamp already. If I have to hear him sing during that Chevy commercial again I'm going to shoot myself, to the delight of no one. If you watched football at any point on Sunday, you heard the commercial. Maybe even in back-to-back commercials like they did during Sunday Night Football. I vow never to buy a Chevy but I never have in the first place so it'll be easy to keep my promise.

While I'm talking about commercials no more Coors Light commercials with the fake Dick Vermil and Bill Walsh press conferences. Not funny the first time and not now. Instead take a look at Miller Lite's "Man Law" commercials. More of those. Hilarious, innovative, and so quotable. Not stupid commercials with fake press conferences. Man Law.

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