Week 3 Review Week 4 Preview

By Kory Kinslow

Thursday night did not surprise in week 3 in the NFL  The Falcons showed up the way they should have from the beginning of the season and the offense played like gang busters. I truly believe the Falcons were the break out team of the week and will now take the NFC South. According to this week the Bills who are we thought they were and lost to a superior Chargers team. The Cowboys are yet to be defined while the Rams blew a lead. Are the Cowboys that good or the Rams that bad, probably the Rams are that bad. The Eagles have proven they are the class of the NFC East, while Cousins continues to prove himself as a starter, if not for the Redskins future, for someone.

The Giants finally showed up to play this season, but still have a lot to prove to me. The Texans just don't seem to put up enough points and need to be healthy to win. Don't count them out though. The Packers disappoint, the Ravens chipped away at the Browns,   The Colts showed up to play against an inferior team and the Patriots squeaked by a horrible Raiders team. The Broncos need to improve their running game and the Seahawks need to play a complete game.

The 49ers look awful and the Cardinals continue to win. They may not win pretty, but they win. The Chiefs finally won a game, against a team struggling and thinking of giving up on their "franchise" quarterback, and the Steelers pummeled the Panthers. Will the Steelers continue to run the ball and what will happen with Cam Newton?  These are two big questions coming out of this game. We also saw the Bears beat the Jets in the Monday night game. The Bears simply have more talent. I don't know what to say other than that, oh yes I do, START MICHAEL VICK! PLEASE!

NFL Week 3 Review Week 4 Preview
Sep 22, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Chicago Bears middle linebacker D.J. Williams (58) tackles New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick (1) during the first quarter at MetLife Stadium. Photo courtesy by - Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports.

This week will start to weed out the pretenders from the contenders. The Redskins and Giants play. Somebody has to win right?  I think the Giants take the momentum and take the game.

The Bears will come out on top against a Packers team I see nose diving.

In the week's strangest game the Texans should beat the Bills.

The Titans will lose to the Colts as Andrew Luck gets the offense back on track.

The Ravens will win with a strong game from the Quarterback position as I see Cam Newton as being a liability right now for the Panthers.

The Jets continue to struggle and the Lions continue to be one of the best offensive teams in football.

The Steelers should beat the Bucs mightily!

Watch out Dolphins, I think the Raiders pull one out. The Raiders need to get the ground game going and should beat the Dolphins.

The Chargers can be a very good team and I think they should easily handle the Chargers.

I'm going to reserve my pick on the Vikings and Falcons. I think that if Bridgewater plays a full game then the Vikings have a chance, but if not the Falcons blow them out.

The Eagles have too much fire power for an imploding 49ers team. They win by two touchdowns.

The Saints come to play Dallas. This should be a good game. I think if the Cowboys run the ball like they have, then they win, but if they get pass happy the Saints eat them up.

I'm going to say that the Chiefs beat the Patriots. I honestly don't think the Patriots have it this year. I think they have over thought things on trades and draft picks and that they are sorely missing some talent at key positions. Jamal Charles may be back, but if not it looks like the Chiefs just keep putting guys in there that run the ball well. Chiefs take this one.

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