NFL Week 14: Never Allow Houston To Have the #1 Pick Ever Again

It's Vince Young's world and the Houston Texans are going to be a roach to be stomped on twice a year. In the growing legend of Vince Young, in which he might be inducted into the Hall of Fame by some fans by the end of the season, he runs for a 39 yard touchdown to win in overtime against the team that passed him in the draft. Look up sweet revenge in the dictionary and you won't find it because that wouldn't be in there.

Mario Williams would have been on the field for that final play to make the tackle but he was on the sidelines getting a breather. How funny is that. On third and super long, Vince used his feet to make something out of nothing, which is exactly what top draft picks have done for Houston. From what I heard when Vince scored, the cheering in the stadium was so loud it sounded like a Texas Longhorn game.

Indianapolis Colts might be a one and done team come playoff time.Don't they seem worse off than last season when they seemed untouchable? They have lost 3 of 4. All on the road, which is where they might have to play in the playoffs. They do not have that swagger right now. I went to this game today and any silly rabbit knew coming into the game what you had to do agasint this Swiss cheese Colts defense. I just did not think it would be so high. It got so bad they paid the referees to help them tackle. The Jaguars had 375 rushing yards and was only 33 yards from breaking the all time record. People out there say, "Well there's only so much Peyton Manning can do. He can't play defense and special teams." If would have played defense the Jags might have had 500 yards rushing so be glad he can't.

Let's take back that anointing oil and bring out the lube because the Dallas Cowboys took a big one up the rear on Sunday Night Football.The Saints are really for real. They just thoroughly dismantled a Cowboy team that most were penciling in for a Super Bowl berth. Romo finally looked like a undrafted free agent. Their defense was exposed to giving up the big plays and just being an average unit. Remember they beat a bad Giants, Bucs, and Arizona team the last four weeks. They got a good win against Indy squeezed in there. So all that success might have been a lot of smoke and mirrors.

Quickly, how much did Sean Peyton toy with the Cowboys? He called for an onside kick up 18 points and recovered leading to another touchdown. Then with 1st and goal and three minutes left he tells Brees to take a knee. It could be a sign of respect. It could be prevent injuries. I see it as laughing in your face. They feel so bad for the other team that they'll just take a knee for the remainder of the game and turn the ball back over on possessions. Would Parcells have done that? Most likely not. If New Orleans was worried about injuries, bring in all the subs and let them play. Kneeling with three minutes to go is a slap in your face. Mike Karney had his chance for a 4th touchdown. Who did not want to see that??

LaDainian Tomlinson scored three touchdowns today give him 29 and break the all time record. You could have been Christmas shopping and assumed he at least tied the record today. He is one of the nice guys in the NFL. I like him a lot and not only cause he is on my fantasy team. I like him cause he's humble. So I beg please do not grace the cover of Madden 2008. Resist the money and the supposed honor.

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