NFL Week 12: Save the Cheerleader. Save the Season

(If you're a fan of NBC's "Heroes", you'll get the title. Or I'm just weird.)

There's nothing else that will save the Giants season. This was the meltdown of all meltdowns. Only because it's the New York Giants. Only because they were winning 21-0 with ten minutes left. Only because with the game tied and less than a minute left, Eli Manning threw an ill advised pass that was intercepted that helped setup the game winning field goal. I think Tom Coughlin chops his arm off if Saddam Hussein ran this country.

If this was the preview of Vince Young, the Titans are going to look brilliant in drafting him. If it was not for his arm and legs, they do not make that comeback. The big play came on fourth-and-10, when Giants rookie Mathias Kiwanuka had Young wrapped up for a sack, but let him go, only to see him scramble upfield 19 yards for a first down. That kept the tying touchdown drive alive. Tom Couglin ran along the sideline as Young scrambled looking like he wanted to tackle him and then got in the face of Kiwanuka to wonder how he could not sack him.

As for the Giants, I'm looking forward to what the New York media calls this event. This was Arizona Cardinals bad.

Talk about another team on the down and out. Michael Vick tells the fans that no matter what he's still has only one STD. The fans have a right to boo, yell, curse and demand their money back. The Atlanta Falcons have now lost four in a row. Jim Mora Sr. last week basically said Michael Vick sucks. He's right. Yeah he ran for some ridiculous amount of yards but that still got them a loss. I watched the game and they kept stressing how little his recievers were being used. This guy does not have an NFL arm. He does not have the accuracy to be successful. In this league, you have to have an arm first and if you have a right and left foot that can move, it helps in some instances (see Vince Young). In college, you can get away with running and winning. Not here.

A list of Super Bowl winners shows an arm and an ability to manage a game is needed. Big Ben, Tom Brady, Trent Dilfer, Kurt Warner, and Troy Aikman to name a few. Call me crazy but I'll take a Trent Dilfer's ability in his Super Bowl year over a Michael Vick to lead my team.

How smart do the San Diego Chargers look?They passed on Michael Vick and traded from #1 down to #3 with the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons got a guy who sells a ton of jerseys. The Chargers drafted Tomlinson (genius) and took Drew Brees in the 2nd round. Then they're lucky Eli doesn't want to play where the sun shines. Instead that's where he's taking it now. They get Philip Rivers and draft picks (Nate Kaeding, Shaun Merriman) and they were able to let the Brees go. Now they're one of the best team in the AFC. Falcons still sell a lot of jerseys.

Staying on quarterbacks, I will say this.As long as Rex Grossman is the quarterback of the Chicago Bears, they will not win the Super Bowl. I said you have to have a quarterback that can manage the game and Rexy (that's what Spurrier called him) cannot. He is in the mold of Brett Favre who tries to sling it all over the field. He'll throw off his back foot and he'll throw it up as he's getting hit. That leads to turnovers. Look at last season when the Bears defense was just as good and Kyle Orton ran that offense just enough to keep winning. Rex might have his big games but then he'll turn around and give you a three interception performance. That's the package.

Everytime I see Tony Romo that sucker is smiling. It's good to be king.

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