NFL Week 11: Colts Can Now Relate to K-Fed

Colts now know what it's like to be a loser. K-Fed is really good at it.

Cowboys accomplished what other teams could not. Get pressure on Peyton to win the game. They mixed coverages, they hit him hard, and they forced bad throws. Manning threw two interceptions (three all year coming in) and lost a fumble. In his final attempt to tie the game, a very un-Manning like throw sailed very high out of the endzone.

Give credit to Tony Romo who is Mr. Texas right now. No doubt a Bledsoe led team woud not have had the same outcome. Praise to T.O. He was so quiet yet efficient with 4 catches for 70 yards. No screaming, showboating, dropping crucial passes or overdosing at all during the game. Much welcomed.

Finally I just have to talk about Mike Vanderjadt. He nearly got a Christmas fruitcake (that's what he is) from the Colts. In what could be the worst free agent signing of the off season, Vanderjadt missed two field goals that just barely missed right. That could have been the difference. He once was the most accurate kicker in the NFL but he's quickly becoming an unemployed kicker. During the game a Vanderjadt commerical aired on the jumbotron and the crowded booed. What stupid company paid for his endorsement?

NBC's flex scheduling is a great addition but it still cannot forsee the future. In what looked like an okay Eagles vs Colts matchup next Sunday has now turned into "What can Al Michael and John Madden fluff about for three long hours?" Either Jeff Garcia or A.J. Feely is going to start. Yep I can't wait to for that. Just think...NBC passed on the Bears vs Patriots which could be a Super Bowl preview. FOX thanks them.

Torn ACL. Out for the season. Six of the most dreaded words I do not enjoy hearing in sports. Nearly as bad as "Tony Kornheiser on Monday Night Football". The ACL tear can look deceiving but it guarantees 6-8 months of grueling physical therapy. Brutal.

David Carr tied the NFL record for consecutive completions with 22. Say what? I would have believed 22 consecutive incompletions first. His soul now belongs to the gods of the underworld.

Is there no hotter team right now than the San Diego Super Chargers? First team ever come back from 17 point deficits in back-to-back weeks and win. In what started out as another loss in Mile High turned into "Jake Plummer you f---ing suck!!" by the end of the game.

There is no better running back now or maybe in the history of the NFL when his careers is over than LT. Four more touchdowns to make him the fastest player in NFL history to reach 100 TD's. Put him down for at least two more when he faces Oakland next week.

Right now I would take the Chargers over the Colts. They could go touchdown for touchdown with them in a shootout. Conservative Marty ball is gone. We all know the Colts can be run on. LT would carve his way through that defensive line. Philip Rivers has proven to be a cool, calm, and collected, quarterback. Their defense still gives up points but add Steriod Shaun Merriman and you know they can pressure Manning.

17 point deficits on the road are nearly insurmountable. It's so easy to just shut down. Says a ton about a team that can come back and win in back to back weeks. Also says they need to start off the game a little bit more prepared. Give me the Chargers over the Colts in the playoffs in January.

Count me as a fan of the suit and tie.

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2006/11/21 at 2:08 pm I agree with your Charger sentiments. Also the fact that Marty Schottenheimer has seemingly abandoned “Marty Ball” (as you mentioned) …

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