Newborns Will Now Be Named Yadier in St. Louis

The ninth inning alone proved to be worthy of NLCS history and high drama. Besides Endy Chavez's Michael Jordan like leap to rob a home run, the first eight innings were disgusting to watch. It was just like a horrible soap opera. You miss seven months of episodes and when you check back the storyline is right where you left it. The ex-wife is still planning to kill the new girlfriend with a gun but it takes seven months to plan. Credit goes to Suppan and Perez for pitching the game of their lives. But they gave many chances for hitters to be heroes.

But then that ninth inning turned into "24", "Lost", "CSI", or "Dateline:To Catch a Predator". Quality drama that kept you on the edge of your seat.

A dude named Magglio sent the Tigers to the World Series. Tonight it was Yadier. The Yankees sign Borat for next season. Yadier only hit six home runs all season. Lucky number seven came when no one expected it. Can't say that about the Mets who seemed to leave runners on base so much that the bases were getting annoyed.

Then I mocked that the Mets' own Murderer's Row was coming up in the bottom of the 9th. Jose Valetin, Endy Chavez, and a pinch hitter. The first two would have been more effective if they batted without swinging at all this whole series. Then some miracle Mets magic started to happen. Mookie Wilson was in the house!! Valetin and Chavez both get a hit. After Floyd tried to do a black man's verson of Kirk Gibson but instead struck out looking, Reyes flies out, and Paul Lo Duca walks to load the bases. Rookie Adam Wainwright on the mound against Cardinals killer Carlos Beltran with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th. Makes you almost pee your pants.

The money man, the man who could send the Mets to the World Series, struck out looking on a curveball that seemed to start at the top of the Empire State Building and still landed in the strike zone. Game over. Mets choke.

The Cardinals didn't celebrate like they were going to the World Series. I've seen them go more crazy after a Puljos walk off homer to beat the lowly Pirates. Maybe they're acting like they expected to win, or felt a bit weird to do it in a place they're not welcomed, or the last time they went they got swept by the Red Sox, or they know Detriot is that damn good.

At least one Cardinals team can celebrate after being huge underdogs this week.

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