If you missed it last night...

We could have all seen the most memorable winning touchdown in college football history tonight. Cal-Stanford would have had nothing on this. You couldnt have even dreamed up this play. If you went to bed already and missed the end of the Neb-Michigan game, you missed a heck of an ending.

On the final play of the game, Michigan trailing by four points completes a short pass to the 50 yard line and all craziness ensues. The first player actually ran to the Nebraska 45 yard line before lateraling the ball. From there, seven more laterals were thrown and mixed in with some running around. The ball traveled all the way back to the Michigan 26 yard line! Actually behind the original line of scrimmage. The last lateral that went from the sideline to the middle of the field was almost caught by a Michigan lineman but was tackled. However it seemed he dropped the ball before he hit the ground, so it was a live ball because it was a lateral.

Another Michigan player grabs the ball and starts to run up field. Everyone thinks the game is over but no whistle. Bill Callahan gets doused with Gatorade but just stares at the field. By now seemingly the whole Nebraska sideline storms the field. A sea of red covered half the field while the play was still going. Most players on the field just stopped. That big Michigan player (dont know his name) had WR Breston, maybe the fastest player on the team, next to him as he ran. But he keeps it and runs down the sideline. He seemed to have a clear path to the end zone but a couple Nebraska players were smart and stayed with the play. They made the tackle and the game ended. Jaws dropped all over the country as to what almost happened.

Watching the replay over and over, if he would have lateraled the ball to Breston, they would have scored. Breston is more adept at running in the open field. The middle of the field was wide open. Even if he didnt run down the sideline, and instead down the middle, he would have scored. But the smart play would have been to lateral it to Breston.

There should have been a penalty at some point! No flags were thrown at all. Nebraska players were on the field. For crying out loud they were half way on the field! Michigan had coaches and some players on the field. After all that not a single flag. Unbelievable. Should have been a flag for both teams, off setting penatlies, and do the play over. Another blown call in a horribly officiated game by Sun Belt referees.

If you havent seen the play, take the time to watch Sportscenter or any highlight show this morning because they will show it. You have to see the play to believe it. The impossible almost happened. I really wish it did.

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