2006/10/13 at 2:59 pm

Moss. All the way. He’s never ruined any team he’s been on. He’s done some dumb and dogs it, but if you have a coach with a gameplan and a QB with the arm, he can get you six anytime anywhere.

I have mad sympathy for the kid. Imagine his circumstances and consider if you wouldn’t go a little bonkers and say some dumb shit….

You’re one of the game’s greats. You’ve had some of the most explosive outbursts of productivity in the history of the game. But even you can’t do it alone….

Here are the coaches he’s played under….
Dennis Green.
Mike Tice.
Norv Turner.
Art Shell.

Notice a trend?

Here are some of the QBs he’s played with…..
Randall Cunningham.
Dante Culpepper.
Kerry Collins.
Aaron Brooks.
Andrew Walters.
Marques TwooeyOuchiePoo.

Notice a trend?

How much fire would you have if the prime years of your career were spent in a black hole devoid of leadership, talent and direction?

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