Moss is just bored and therefore unmotivated

by Matt

2006/10/13 at 9:52 pm

Moss. Moss is just bored and therefore unmotivated. This is due solely to the fact that he’s on a crappy team. Put him on a team with a decent QB (defined in this case as one that can get the ball to him) that’s got a shot at winning games and he’ll come around and produce.

TO on the other hand is completely insane. What happened with the Eagles proves this. Good team…winning team…a QB capable of getting him the ball. But he couldn’t hold it together because his QB was justifiably critical of him and he decided he wanted a new contract (1 year after signing the original one). He’s an attention whore (situps in the driveway anyone?) that absolutely MUST have conflict in his life.

Put Moss on the Bears, Chiefs, Rams, etc. and you’ll have a happy camper who’ll be ridiculously productive. Put TO on any team and it’s only a matter of time, regardless of that team’s winning/losing, until TO shits himself.

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