Mobile Gaming Popularity Rising According to Juniper Report


In a recent report released by Juniper Research, mobile gaming is set to become the next big craze within five years time and throughout 2017. Growth is set to rise among online casinos and the sportsbook industry as well, with billions in profits scheduled to rise from mobile betting alone.

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is already a multi-million dollar industry but according to a recent Juniper Report the combined gambling market will rise from its current $13 billion a year to around $100 billion by 2017. It’s expected that mobile betting at top sportsbook sites such as William Hill will rise to $45 billion by 2017, making it the largest component of the gaming boom on smartphone and tablet devices, the report claims.

According to report author Windsor Holden, “Companies such as Ladbrokes and Paddy Power are all seeing 40 percent or more on online sportsbook customers placing bets via a mobile or a tablet, with the result that those devices already account for around 20 percent of bets placed.”

Mobile Apps on iPhone

In recent news, iPhone announced that users will soon be able to gamble with real money through new apps including a new one via Big Fish Games Inc. where players will be able to gamble via virtual slot machines.

Bloomberg claims that Big Fish Casino, the real-money app, will be available to users in the coming weeks and will only be available in the UK. News of a rise in profits has spurred game developers to delve into creating more virtual casinos and claim to want to replace virtual currencies with real cash despite limitations in the U.S.

The research acquired by Juniper is information that is definitely not to be ignored by the virtual gambling world with sportsbooks and online casinos staying at the top of their game in order to remain competitive and relevant in today’s mobile market.

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