Maybe It Was Cutler's Way of Coping

by Mo Johnson
(Virginia )

Nice article. I agree that his sitting out with an ACL tear can't really be faulted; though, as you say, not praised either. But, yes, his failure to stay involved in the game, cheering on his teammates -- that's a bigger problem.

But, maybe he was so disappointed in the injury and his play that he had to sort of detach himself from the game. If so, maybe he'll realize that he needs to learn a better way to deal with disappointments. That is, if he wants to be a great quarterback and leader.

Of course, the Packers were in control of the game as well and Cutler probably could sense it slipping away. But, again, that's no excuse.

Nice article.

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Jan 26, 2011
Oh cutler
by: Anonymous

It's hard to blame him for being injured, easy to blame the way he and the bears handled this! They needed to let fox and everyone know he had a possible mcl tear and he was out.... Not questionable. Cutler shouldn't have been standing on the sideline, he should have been in the lockeroom. His appearance that he never cares hurts him. His reactions and body language are the main problem.

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