A Viewpoint from the Other Side of the Story

We're hearing alot of Kendra Davis' side of the story of what happened. The fan, Michael Axelrod was drunk. He attacked her. She was in danger. Okay we get it.

However there is always two sides to a story. Looking more into the incident and hearing about Kendra's past antics, you start to really wonder if Kendra Davis was the one out of line. Here are some dirt I found about Kendra Davis, who is no stranger to controversey.

  • Once raised hackles in Toronto when she suggested that the couple's twin children should grow up "in America."
  • During a playoff game while Davis played for the Toronto Raptors, she got into an angry shouting match with Latrell Sprewell from the stands. He had no idea who she was.
  • Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons said Kendra Davis left rambling, obscenity-peppered voice mails when she disliked his stories.
  • Following a loss in Toronto when Antonio was on the bench the whole fourth quarter, Kendra was overhead by a newspaper columnist that her husband would be asking for a trade if things didn't get better. Of course he wrote about it and Antonio and Kendra said they were just joking. Uh-huh.

Sound like a woman that may have been a innocent bystander in the stands? Sounds more like a lunatic NBA wife who thinks she's all that because of who she's married to.

Now read this eyewitness account from Deadspin. Reportedly Michael wasn't even drunk. At Espn witnesses recount what happened, which support the story sent to Deadspin. You can also see video of some of the confrontation taking place.

Michael Axelrod claims Kendra tried to scratch him and he did not lay a hand on her. Since this is America, he plans on suing for $1 million for battery against Kendra and slander against Antonio. I don't think he'll get a dime but hey he's pissed.

So I've presented the other side to the story and you know what I think? I think Kendra Davis is a nutcase. I think she is certainly responsible for most of the incident.

A comment on Deadspin put it the best way

Sounds like Antonio was headed into the stands to PROTECT THIS GUY FROM HIS PSYCHOTIC WIFE!!! He saw a tussle and was like "Oh great, here she goes again. Gotta get up there before our family gets sued. Bitch always fighting folks in front of our poor kids..."

Arrest that woman. Put her away with that lady who claimed she found a finger in Wendy's chili.

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