Lots of Scoring: Week 5 Roundup

What stood out to me just looking at week 4?

All the scoring today!! Jacksonville and Washingon were suppose to be two tough defenses but they put up 66 points total. St. Louis and Detriot did even better and put up 75 points. Kansas City opened the floodgates with 41 points against the 49ers while pitching a shutout. Indianaplois and the Jets scored 28 points at half time and 31 points just in the fourth quarter for a total of 59. New England 38. Dallas 41. You get the point. Even god awful Cleveland and Oakland scored over 21 points each. Of course Oakland lost.

Is there any argument who is the best quarterback in the NFL regular season?

No doubt it's Peyton Manning. I say regular season because that's when he dominates but has yet to win the truly big games in the post season. Even after Justin Miller's 103-yard dash gave New York the lead with 2:20 left, Manning led Indianapolis on the type of efficient drive that has defined his career, capping it with a 1-yard run that gave the Colts a wild 31-28 victory Sunday. Peyton said there was no panic after the long kick off return. I believed it as I watched it unfold. Even after the predictable, the Jets did something unpredictable and tried to move down field in the closing seconds with their multi-lateral, multi-fumble play that last longer than anyone imagined.

What happened to that Kurt Warner dude today?

He's officially the clipboard holder for presumably the whole season unless there is an injury. Coming into the game against Atlanta he was a fumble away from losing his job. I think he fell into that hole and then crawled even deeper to hide from embarassment after this game. He had an interception and two more fumbles in a terrible loss to the Falcons. It was a matter of time until Matt Leinart came in the 4th quarter. He learned too much from Warner because he fumbled the ball on this second play and then later threw a interception. Nonetheless, it's his job next week.

Who had the better week? Reggie or Mario?

Reggie Bush rushed for 22 yards and caught passes for 48 yards in a loss to Carolina. After such an emotional high last Monday, it was expected they'd come out a bit flatter. I can't believe Reggie hasn't scored his first NFL touchdown yet. Should he be blaming the Subway sandwiches?

Mario Williams didn't play like a #1 pick but he played well in a win (finally) against the horrid Miami Dolphins. He had a 1.5 sacks and a crucial tip on a 2 point conversion attempt by the Dolphins that would have tied the game let. So he played well but still can't be justified as the best player in the last draft.

Who still really sucks out there?

Oakland was beating the Browns 21-3 at one point and in Raider fashion lost the game 24-21. Art Shell weighs about 300 pounds but you gotta think he'll look more like a Halloween skeleton by the end of the season. How can he not be stressed? I'd be smoking some of Randy Moss' marijuana before, during, and after the game to ease the pain. Tenneesee started Vince Young, so that guaranteed a loss and many more this season. Detroit lost yet again because they failed to play any defense today. Fire Millen I say!!

Is Chicago the best team in the NFL?

Well if Seattle vs. Chicago is a preview of the NFC championship then Chicago, then put someone else in Seattle's place. I don't know if you can put anyone. Watching Chicago play they have that swagger back. Their defense is scary. They had the best defense last year but had no offense behind Kyle Orton. Now they're passing the ball to wide open receivers and have a running game to complement it. It used to be the other way around. Could it be Bears vs the Colts in the Super Bowl? That's a matchup we all could get excited for.

Did Chad Johnson do a dance, break dance, or anything at all?

Well he jokingly jabbed during the week to Bill Belichek about giving him single coverage for once and even vowing to not score and just step out at the one yard line. He was covered so well he was kept out of the endzone. Actually most of the Bengals were as well.

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Chicago is looking pretty unstoppable Not rated yet
2006/10/02 at 12:53 am Chicago is looking pretty unstoppable right now… Grossman is looking real good, and the defense is still the best in the NFL. …

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