London 2012- Usain Bolt

by Ivy Stuart
(United States)

The fastest man alive they call him. Usain Bolt runs for the finish line that could possibly get him the Gold. He exhales his last breath and pushes harder once more.

He's done it! Bolt has made the Gold once more. Three Gold Medals at London 2012. As the news hits Headlines across the Globe Usain Bolt heaves his breath and downs water as he cheers. "Is he really the fastes man alive?" You may ask. Yes. Usain Bolt of Jamaica is by far the Fastest male runner the world has ever seen.

Usain Bolt grew up fast. Born August 21, 1986 n Northwest Jamaica. Bolt showed his sprinting abilities as a young child in primary school. He soon began lessons from former athlete Pablo McNeil.

Usain Bolt won his first race in 2001 in the CARIFTA Games. He got the Silver but that did not stop him. He clocked 48.28s. His personal best so far. He wanted a challenge.

Bolt coninued in the CARIFTA Games for quite a while before becoming one of the eight athletes to win a youth, junior, and senior event in the World Championships.

You could say that the medals kept on pouring in from Japan to Switzerland. All the practice is what made him come to the Olympics.

Usain Bolt is truly the fastest man alive. The media has given him his own personal nickname "Lightning Bolt".

Where ever "Lightning Bolt" is today, he still is capable of walking to the finish line.

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