Live Vicariously through Bloggers in Detroit

If you're like me you couldn't afford the $4800 for two seats in the upper deck. Nor could you take time off work to fly to Detroit to just enjoy the festivities. So you're probably at home or work wishing you could be surrounded by parties, celebrities, and football frenzy.

If there's one thing the Super Bowl is, it is one week long party for the host city. I live in Jacksonville (no bashing please) and was able to experience it for myself last year. There's something to do everyday. Just about every major sports journalist (Skip Bayless does not count) is in town. When the weekend comes celebrities flood the city and pretend to love your city only to never come back ever again.

So since we're not in Detroit and don't get to personally see Desmond Howard walking into a Kmart at midnight to buy clothes cause his luggage was lost, we have to rely on bloggers to give us the inside scoop. (By the way that is a story I read on a message board. He bought Michigan State stuff. Huh?)

There's just a small collection of what I was able to find on the internet. Each will give you a different viewpoint on their experience in the Motor City.


- The first is the from the official Steelers website. So you're not going to hear dirty little secrets about Steeler. Instead you get a insiders look at what the Steelers have been doing for most of the week. They take you onto the airplane ride over to Detroit. You see candid shots of dinner at the Bettis' house. It doesn't cover everything like the night Bill Cowher, Mr. Rooney, and some players taking in a Pistons game. It's a short diary but gives you a look at what the Steelers have been doing all week.

- The Seattle Times has writers in Detroit updating their blog. One isn't enough for them it seems. The most recent post, one writer managed to get into the coveted FHM party. He describes the celebrities he saw but no stories about fights, rejections, or awkward meetings. One reporters tells about his encounter in an elevator with Carolina's Steve Smith and his urge to tell Smith he's not playing in the Super Bowl for comments Smith made to the reporter. There's some audio clips from the Rolling Stones press conference. We finally learn that running back Maurice Morris was doodling on a piece of paper while waiting for media to come up to their table to talk to him. Presumably he had to get another sheet of paper to doodle on.

Deadspin Yahoo

- Then you have AJ Daulerio, blogging for Deadspin, who arrived in Detroit with no tickets, no media credentials, and basically no idea what he'll be doing. He does know he is going to the Maxim party and interviewing a man who makes football shaped salamis. He is armed with a video camera and has done a great job of giving us his video diary. Though at times it'll feel like you're watching "The Blair Witch Project" with the shaky camera. He posted Nicky Hilton's (Paris' sister) cell phone number, 917-929-0223, which I have not tried to call at all. He got into the Jimmy Kimmel after show party which he described as lame. No celebrities. No athletes there. If you're at a party and the biggest name is Bobcat Goldthwait, then you should leave immediately. But his posts are entertaining and you feel he's the underdog in the world of VIP's and media hotshots who get access to everything.

Tomarnold Carouse

- Finally there's Tom Arnold who somehow turned around his career from being Roseanne Barr's husband to this celebrity in the sports world. I don't know how he did it but I want to drink whatever he's drinking. Tom is blogging for AOL sports all week I know we all we wish we had his job. Talking sports AND getting into all the parties and VIP events (unlike AJ above). He's armed with a camera so you see his personal photos. He jokes at himself and laughs off all the Roseanne comments thrown at him this week. It just seems like he's having fun and anything coming from Tom is going to be a little screwed up.

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