Lets look at the real facts

by Zinc

2006/12/05 at 11:58 am

Lets look at the real facts:

1: 90% of rivalry games will be close, so to say because of the close game between OSU and UM makes Michigan the second best not necessarily true. The game actually was not as close as the score indicates. Ohio State did punish Michigan.

2: The Big ten was made up of only 3 teams this year, and Ohio State never played Wisconsin.

3. Michigan played 3 teams in the Top 25, and one of them is grossly overrated.(ND) The other victory Wisconsin, didn't even play a top 25 teams at all and never played Ohio State.
Florida beat nine bowl-eligible teams, Michigan only six;

4. By saying that OSU and Michigan are the best 2 teams in negating the fact that they did not play many games outside of the big ten to see if they are the best 2 out there. You have no facts to support this subjective opinion. How can we really tell if Michigan is the best 2nd team, or even Ohio State the best when the Big 10 was down this year. (I do agree that Ohio State should be number one, but, they did not play Wisconsin and had only 2 games against ranked teams - Texas (19) and Michigan (3) ), So how can be subjectively or objectively say they are the best 2? Lets find out and play against what most consider year in and year out the toughest conference and their champion.

Best UF Wins
10-2 Arkansas
10-2 LSU
9-3 UT
8-4 Georgia
8-4 Southern Miss
7-5 South Carolina
7-5 Kentucky
no other opponents with winning records

Best Michigan wins
11-1 Wisconsin (Played no top 25 teams)
10-2 Notre Dame (always over rated)
8-4 Penn State
8-4 Central Michigan
no other opponents with winning records

By looking at the above, how can you justify that Michigan is better than UF.

Florida had the Number 1 SOS in the Country, was 3-1 against Top 25 teams vs MICH being 2-1; and played teams with the highest winning %. Florida faced more bowl eligible teams, and faced more top 25 defenses than Michigan AND OSU combined.

6. Michigan supporters say that Florida won ugly and not by over powering their opponents like Michigan and Ohio State:
Maybe that is because Florida played in a tougher conference from top to bottom and since the big Ten had only 3 teams, they had easier times with the lesser teams.

I have more stats and justification why Florida should be in the national Championship game, but have no justification why Michigan should be.

Argument that a rematch of Florida and Florida State, doesnt wash as they both won their conferences (in case you didn't know, they are not in the same conference), and Florida got its chance because teams above them lost.

They argued that Michigan already had its chance at Ohio State and lost. Therefore, Florida should have a turn. It wouldn't be "fair" to Ohio State to have to play Michigan again. They didn't want a rematch.

Oh and by the way, Ball State was about to score against Michigan with time running out and an incomplete pass in the end zone as time ran out, I think a South Carolina team with Steve Spurrier as its coach in his first trip back in the Swamp would constitute a better close victory than Michigans against Ball State........

Why should Ohio State have to beat Michigan twice to be National Champions? How fair is that to Ohio State?

Now prove to me where Michigan is better than Florida!!!!!

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