Let's All Piss on Some Bills Fans

I've never liked the feeling that I could not go to a particular opponent's stadium because I feared for my safety for just wearing my team's colors. I would never think I'd get beaten to a pulp but you never know the psyche of some bone heads who had some alcohol. To me, that is not enough to get my butt off the couch and make a road trip.

If I'm at a home football game and an opposing fan is being obnoxious, screaming, cheering, and turning around to taunt the sea of home fans, that's not smart. Okay it's cool to support your team but just stand up and cheer like a normal human. Act like they've gotten a 1st down before. It's even worse when his team eventually loses. Then all those home fans who had to endure this drunken guy talk smack want to return the favor. Then he's just outnumbered and trying to ignore all the yelling but you know he can hear you. It's great. He deserved it.

Certainly, they should never be beaten up for it. It does happen sadly. A Patriot fan, went to game in Buffalo last week, with his pregnant wife and celebrating their two year wedding anniversary (cool wife points right there). He almost died.

While his pregnant wife watched in helpless horror, he was viciously beaten outside the Buffalo Bills’ football stadium last week by a drunk mob of New York fans embittered by a loss to the Patriots.

While Donaghey was inside, he said, Bills fans began hurling anti-Patriots insults and pelting the portable restroom with rocks and other objects. "I thought if I kept my head down, I would be fine," recalled the software salesman.

Donaghey said four men were waiting outside, and one of them punched him in the face, turned to the others and yelled, "Let’s get him!" The crowd quickly grew to about 20 people, he said.

He said the mob punched, kicked and attacked him as he made his way back toward his car. One man struck him with a portable chair, he said. "I was just fighting for my life. I managed to stay on my feet. I thought, if I went down, they would kill me," he said.

They were just grilling food in the parking lot while waiting for it to clear out after the game. He wasn't waving a 9mm gun and making J.P. Losman jokes. He ends up fighting for his life. A few fucking idiots does not make all Bills fans the worst in the league but to fight anyone for wearing a Patriots jacket and a Red Sox hat is below classless.

He ended up with a shattered finger, broken hand, black eye, head injuries, and covered in bruises. Add bills for a therapist to that list.

For the attackers I suggest criminal charges, jail time, banned from Bills game for life, and faces known to everyone wherever they live. If we lived in China, they'd probably be executed for this. Seriously, they execute for non-violent crimes like tax evasion and dealing drugs. Why not this? Instead they might be rewarded with some community service.

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