LESS biased

by Greg

2006/10/17 at 1:47 am

LESS biased they are. They make more money and have to be neutral. Plus there’s a governing body to dish out disciplinary action for screw-ups. High school refs can blatantly cheat.

Either way, the true statement of a great team, i.e., champion is their ability to not let referees affect the outcome. If Seattle plays well enough, the so-called “fixed” game goes their way.

Any honest athlete will tell you they’d rather play so well that the refs cant take anything away, as opposed to playing like Seattle did and leaving a lot in the refs’ hands. Seriously people, the seahawks stunk, with or without bad calls. The refs didn’t throw interceptions; willie parker went untouched, the refs cant tackle him; the refs aren’t the ones who let hines ward get open. Please admit you lost. Yes the game wasn’t pretty but i guarantee you every Steeler fan loved it for just that reason.

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