Lakers Best; Clippers Worst

by BJ Coles
(Sacramento, CA)

The best and worst run organizations in the NBA are the Lakers and the Clippers. Start at the top. The Lakers are run by Dr. Jerry Buss, whereas the Clippers have been run, in the ground, by Donald Sterling. Who actually should change his name to Donald Serling, then he and Rod would have more in common than just living in the Twilight Zone. The Lakers have had Jerry West and Mitch Kupchak to run the front office. The Clippers have ( or had) I am not sure, Elgin Baylor. Elgin, like a game named Mike, was a fine basketball player and probably a fine person, but he is atrocious at judging talent. The Clippers, somehow when they do find talent cannot keep it ( see Donald Sterling). If I were Blake Griffin, I would be making plans for when my contract is up.

The Lakers have had Pat Riley and Phil Jackson as coaches. The Clippers have had Alvin Gentry and Mike Dunleavy ( hey no fair, he coached the Lakers too!) The Lakers, although they have not had anything above a top ten pick in the lottery era, have managed to win more than anyone. The Clippers while having more men to choose from than Beyonce, back in her single days, have managed to make the playoffs once in 30 years. Jay Z should never have been her first choice, but neither should Micheal Olowakandi have been for the Clippers. Laker legends include, Kareem, Shaq, Kobe, Magic, Worthy, Logo, Wilt, Coop, and maybe even Pau someday.

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