It's Great to be a Florida Gator!

One word. Dominance.

Two words. Hell yeah!!

Three words. IN THE FACE!!! (Love "Coming to America")

The Florida Gators clearly showed they deserved to be the national champion. No one can argue a case that UCLA should have won this game. Thankfully the officiating wasn't a factor in the game. UCLA can take their tradition and shove it in Bill Walton's mouth so he can zip it. After UCLA led 2-0 and then 4-2 they never led for the rest of the game. How's the for dominance? UCLA couldn't get their offense going and they couldn't stop the Gators. As much as you heard about UCLA's defense, not many knew the Gators defense was just as dominant. They showed it tonight from the very first of Joakim Noah's five 1st half blocks.

I'll take a blowout in the national championship game. Others might find it boring. I wasn't just a casual fan wanting a close game. As a UF alumni, I wanted a blowout. I didn't want a miracle comeback. I wanted to drink my beer and cheer every time we dunked it in the 2nd half.

Not surprisingly Joakim Noah was named Most Outstanding Player. I love he way he plays. I love his emotion on the court. I think he can also be called Most Outlandish Player also. Some say he looks goofy (he does), some say he acted like an ass after the game (he's just having fun). He had all the reason to celebrate after the game. He stood up on the table and cheered in the cameras and Florida fans. Everytime you saw him he was yelling something. While being interviewed after the game he gave a shout out to his professors.

"Please don't be mad at us if we don't do a little homework the next couple of weeks."

They're not going to make the team do homework the rest of the year. Flash the ring and they have a free pass from turning in a homework assignment on time. Parking ticket on campus? Show the ring. Super size that meal? Bling bling.

Have we ever heard any player say that after a game? Remind me if I'm forgetting. Clearly this is a guy who just wants to party. He apologized to Billy Donovan at the press conference cause they were going to "do it big" when they get back. Gainesville is a party town and they will embrace his attitude. Right now students are out on University Ave partying in the streets. No reports of fires, overturned cars or sleeping right now.

I wish I was back in school again. To be in the middle of the all night celebration. Drinking all day long and just soaking up the environment tonight. I certainly wouldn't be sitting here posting an entry in my blog. No one is really going to class tomorrow. It's not officially cancelled but professors won't be upset if they're not there.

The funny thing is that the NIT champions South Carolina Gamecocks beat the Gators twice during the regular season. Luckily that can be forgiven. Right now I don't think any team could be the Gators they way they're playing. It's all about getting hot during the tournament and stepping up to the pressure.

University of Florida 2006 NCAA Baskeball champions. Has a nice sound to it.

(They sure do teach them well at Eastern Michigan University. One fellow student picked "ULCA" to win over Florida. Nice call dude. Even better spelling.

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