It was nonstop sound effects

by Raquel Wellington

2006/08/19 at 10:35 pm

Be glad you didn’t have the sound up. It was nonstop sound effects. I would expect more out of ESPN. And the email thing they did for Tony (it’s like a horrible song that keeps repeating in your head and you want it to stop…and it doesn’t).

I don’t mind the email, actually kinda liked it. But the song has to go! Also, I agree with the score. Who in their right mind would put the score right where the action is. But they did get one thing right. They made it readable. Just use common sense instead of doing something for the sake of being different.

I like Tirico in the booth. He’s almost old school. Just gives you the game. Tony still needs to figure out it’s okay to talk to the camera. He doesn’t have to worry about that on PTI. And for Theismann… anyone who actually changes their last name to rhyme with Heisman has issues.

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