I am sick of the Seahawks fans excuses

by Jonathan

2008/07/04 at 2:24 pm

I am sick of the Seahawks fans excuses, and I am willing to bet the writer of this hack piece is a bitter Seahawk fan. Funny thing is other than the bad call on Hasselbeck, you show photographic proof that each “bad call” was actually correct. Jackson used his arm to create separation, which is pass interference. Ben’s TD, it was hard to tell if he crossed the plane and was a judgment call.

Even if he didn’t score the Steelers still would have won. As for the “phantom holding”, there was holding on the Peter Warrick return where a Seahawk grabbed Tyrone Carter by his shoulder pads, and if you watched the replay you can clearly see that Locklear was gripping Clark Haggans jersey, though it was for a brief second it was still holding. I disagreed with the call against Hasselbeck’s tackle but don’t forget about the illegal block on Ben after he threw that pick, which led to a drive Seattle scored a TD on. So we can call that even. Also, don’t forget the numerous penalties both teams got away with.

As for who the better team is, I have one thing to say: 21-0.

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