I am a HUGE football fan

by stormpath

2006/02/08 at 2:14 pm

…great post… I am a HUGE football fan, and didnt have a stake nor a favorite for either team. It was obvious to EVERYONE in my group that the calls were biased towards pittsburg. Now, before you people get on your crybaby wagon, let me explain something to you. The calls here werent just bad calls, each was a huge momentum changer, and there were 18 points total difference.

Thats my beef, this is a superbowl, I want to see teams slug it out, and may the best team win. Pittsburg fans as well got cheated, because forever, people who are NON SEAHAWK fans will be forever wondering what if the refs hadnt altered the game so much?

…the NFL and true football fans lose in this, and until the NFL fixes this problem, the game loses much of its luster.

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