How About Virginia Tech to the SEC?

by Mo Johnson
(Montclair, VA )

I'm against all the conference changes since I think we are losing the unique and distinctive regional characteristics/brands of college football. I mean texas part of the PACIFIC -- 10/12/14/16 -- silly and too bad. Maybe bad for the long-term health of the game.

But, that's the reality. It's all about money and given the reality, the
SEC will have to do it too. So, in that context, yea, Texas AM is a good
fit I think. Question is who else?

I'm not so sure the SEC won't get a couple ACC schools to split. i think the sec would much rather have FSU and Clemson than KS and Kansas State. Florida State or Clemson would be great, but I think Florida and south Carolina would oppose that. Maybe Missouri?

How about Va Tech -- there's no other SEC school in-state. It would expand the SEC into the Richmond and DC Markets -- as well as West VA. Would be a natural rival with Tennessee and Kentucky. Makes sense to me. I know lots of SEC fans in the DC area that would love to see SEC games in Blacksburg.

Virginia is more part of the Southeast than Missouri. VA Tech is a better fit than Missouri.

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