Houston is Nuts to Pick Reggie Bush

by Michael

Houston is NUTS to pick Reggie Bush. They have a very good RB now, who has superstar potential. yes he got injured this season. But look at the numbers he has put up and look at the line he runs behind. HOUSTON HAS THE PARTS IN PLACE... ITS THE O-LINE STUPID!!!

They should trade down with the Jets, for the 4th pick, get some picks this year and NY's #1 next year, and pick the big beefalo from Virginia or another equally large man to KEEP CARR OFF HIS ASS and make holes for Dom. No wonder the guy gets hurt. He has no one blocking for him. This is a big part of why the bears won this year. Defense did a lot, but the running game was a big part. Even with 8 in the box, the O-line made the holes, and Jones got 1300 yards. Imagine his totals with a competent QB.

And as far as Reggie Bush being the second coming of Christ, lest we forget another guarenteed legend who was a #1 pick... Kijana Carter. Bush will probably be good, but there are few guarentees, especially with position players. They are much better off going for line help... although they have possibly the worst front office in the NFL, so I am sure they will be stupid.

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