Heisman and Lombardi Trophies

In the wide world of football, there are some names that simply everyone knows. Take, for example, John Heisman or Vince Lombardi, both for whom the two most prestigious trophies in football were named. Everyone has heard of these guys and knows what the awards are for, but what many people don’t know is the history behind them.

The Heisman Trophy dates back all the way to 1935, before it was even called the Heisman Trophy. Did you know that it was originally called the DAC Trophy? It was named for the Downtown Athletic Club, the organization that actually created the award. Then in 1936 after the passing of John Heisman, they renamed in honor of his unprecedented contribution to the world of football.

The first football player to receive the esteemed award was running back Jay Berwagner of the University of Chicago, known to fellow teammates and fans as the “one man gang.” From that year on, the Heisman Trophy became something much more than just a trophy. Since its inception, the Heisman Trophy has become a national symbol of college football greatness that only a handful of players have won.

And if a player wins the Heisman Trophy, the next trophy he’d likely be after is the Vince Lombardi Trophy, better known to most as the Super Bowl Trophy. But the Vince Lombardi Trophy is about much more than a football game in February mixed with commercials about Doritos and Budweiser.

Similar to the Heisman Trophy, the Vince Lombardi trophy didn’t always go by that name. Originally, the trophy was simply called the World Championship Game Trophy, and was later renamed for Vince Lombardi after he passed away in 1970. And also like John Heisman, Vince Lombardi wasn’t just a coach picked randomly to represent the most prestigious award in all of football. His legacy as the unparalleled head coach of the Green Bay Packers along with his victories in the first two Super Bowls certainly warrant all of the praise he has received over the years.

Both the Lombardi Trophy and Heisman Trophy are huge honors to win, and it certainly takes a lot of hard work and dedication to reach that milestone. Jay Berwagner and Robert Griffin III may have not played football together, but the two share a history, and that’s something that will last forever.

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